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Coconut Soy Wax | Titanwax 5465

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A fantastic blend of coconut and soy in Candle Wax  Bulk! When used properly this wax is truly a one-pour wax. Achieve smooth tops with a fantastic white finish that is brighter than most Coconut soy wax blends on the current market. 

  • This wax is used only for container candles
  • All-natural
  • Comes in a slab form of 12 pounds each
  • 8-10% Fragrance Load
  • Directions: Heat to 175 degrees Fahrenheit then add fragrance. Allow it to cool naturally. Keep away from air drafts. 
  • Melting Point: 130 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Excellent cold and hot throw 
  • Minimal wet spots
  • Comparable to Cargill C-6 & Golden Brands 454
  • Works best with CD wicks

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